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Recognize Your Greatest Challenges


Respond to Rapid Change

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Reimagine Your Ministry Approach

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Revitalize Your Team Dynamics


In an era of constant change, strategy is more important than ever. Access our creative solutions that have helped ministries on four continents bear more fruit. You can mobilize for change, navigate uncertainty, and adjust as needed, to achieve healthy, sustainable ministry.

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Diagnose the challenge
Determine the nature of the core challenge you face. Cut through the complexity to identify which aspects are critical. Pinpoint the ways it impacts you and your ministry, specifically. Describe it in a way that everyone understands and agrees on what problem we are solving for.

Develop a guiding policy
Establish the overall approach that will be most effective in dealing with the challenge. Set the boundaries of the framework for how you will overcome the obstacles that were diagnosed in the challenge.

Determine a set of coherent actions
Ensure your strategy is practical by choosing actions which work together in a coordinated manner, and effectively in carrying out the guiding policy. Assign responsibilities set metrics, and distribute resources.

Organizational Health

Just as the human body is not capable of sustained high-performance when unhealthy, the health of your ministry will constrain your ability to consistently bear much fruit. Improving the six key markers of organizational health will allow you to grow together in effectiveness, while also providing
more joy for the journey.

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Build a high-functioning leadership team.

High-functioning leadership teams are more than gatherings of top performers. Members trust one another, mine for ideological conflict, go all-in together, hold one another accountable, and focus on collective success.

Create a compelling vision.

No great strides were ever made in human history, but first a leader had a vision. Vision allows us to see a glimpse of the future before we get there, inspiring, aligning, and focusing our efforts in the best direction.

Communicate a clear framework.

Setting clear boundaries is the key to providing maximum freedom and generating maximum creativity. The best frameworks include your strategy and values. Once these are understood teams can rise up to fulfill their potential.

Align people, resources, and actions.

Many leaders have had the experience of trying to “herd cats” to get their people heading in the same direction. Without alignment, we begin to work at cross purposes, pursuing contrary objectives, and accomplishing little.

Engage in healthy conflict.

Until we have engaged in healthy ideological conflict, we won’t have the buy-in and commitment we need to succeed. Unless we engage in healthy inter-personal conflict, we won’t have the trust and focus we need to succeed.

Facilitate productive meetings

Leaders spend half of their ministry time in meetings, many of them horribly unproductive. Instead of providing clarity, unity, and inspiration, participants leave feeling like they have wasted their time. Productive meetings equal productive teams.

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