What if ...

That sense of dissatisfaction you've been feeling is God prompting you to take action? What if your observations and opinions are actually right and things really do need to change?

And what if there was a group of people just like you, dissatisfied with the status quo, frustrated with those willing to walk on by, and willing to stand up, speak up, and shake things up, even just a little bit—a group of common Christians willing to be change-makers?

"We do not see the divine intervention for which we yearn ... because we think it is for us and our needs rather than an impetus for God’s mission.”
~Ed Stetzer

The Change-Maker

The Change Maker is our online magazine with articles to encourage you, support you, and help you cultivate courageous faith in Jesus Christ.

“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.”

~John R.W. Stott

How We Help

Intersekt equips change-makers to bear more fruit.




"Without risk there is no faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God."

~John Barcanic

Who We've Helped

World Relief

Legacy Conference

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Mission Increase

Refugee Highway Partnership

North Park University

India Rural Evangelical Fellowship

Hope Ministries International

Moody Bible Institute




North American Baptist Conference


Wheaton College


Training Resources


International Aid Services

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

One Collective

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Uncertain Seas offers us a path to calmer waters; a personal exercise in discovering who we are and whose we are."

~Rev. Guy Whitlock

Director of Community and Care, A.C.T. International