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God Confidence

The chaos is easy to see: natural disasters, war, famine, crime, illness, broken relationships, job loss. And yet God tells us that we can live confidently in him. How?

Here's What You'll Discover

  • The four requirements for confident living

  • Why growing in self-confidence is a dead end and what to do instead

  • The four questions at the heart of every anxiety and how to answer them

  • How to distinguish between healthy concern and unhealthy worry

  • The specific strategy the enemy uses to keep believers from living confidently and how to defeat it

Where God's Word Meets My World


The Bible has a lot to say about confident living. We'll dig deep into Scripture to see what it says and then make it extremely practical for our every day lives. Every participant will receive John's books, God Confidence: Cultivating Courageous Faith in Jesus Christ and The God Confidence Playbook to help integrate new habits into your daily rhythms.

The path to your deepest dreams runs through the forest of your greatest fears.

John Barcanic

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