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Are you ready for your next step? You were created on purpose, with a purpose. But, conventional thinking often keeps us from experiencing the joy, impact, and fulfillment we were created for.

You want more out of life than the status quo. You want to live deliberately, make a difference, and leave a legacy. Intersekt’s nexStep journey will give you the knowledge and skills you need to take your next step with confidence. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the way God has wired you and the assets you bring to the table. You’ll be able to compellingly communicate the ways in which you do your best work , the type of situation you are looking for, and how to discern if a situation is a good fit.

Is This for Me?

nexStep is for you if:

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You’ve ever felt like you just don’t fit.

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You’re looking for a new challenge.

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You’re frustrated with your current situation.

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You’ve ever wondered if you could accomplish more.

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You just feel stuck.

What Will I Receive?

Nine One-On-One Sessions

You will meet online for nine sessions with an experienced professional coach to learn, grow, and create a plan for your next steps.

New Learning

You’ll discover: 

  • A new way of thinking about your life and career that brings more satisfaction than job titles and corporate ladders.

  • The six characteristics that work together to make you unique.

  • How to develop a personal vision for the change you bring to the world.

  • Discern your team culture and leadership style preferences and how to identify them in new opportunities.

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Our Promise

Innovative Tools

Tools that will enable you to:

  • Talk about what you do in a way that excites you and motivates others to help you with your next step.

  • Identify opportunities that maximize your potential and avoid those that don’t.

  • Make complex decisions more quickly and with confidence.

Invest your time and effort in this journey and you will have a clear picture of how God has wired you, the work he has created you to do, and your next steps forward. 

A Personalized Roadmap

Alongside your coach you will create a step-by-step roadmap to move toward your vision.

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