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Busy, Weary, Dry, Spent?

Ever feel like life seems designed to wear us down? Work pressures, family tensions, school deadlines, financial concerns, physical ailments, spiritual opposition, any of these can be tough to handle, and sometimes it seems like they all gang up on us at once.

What if you could push a button and your soul would shed all the extra baggage it's been carrying? Like a cool swim on a hot summer day, we need a way of finding refreshment for our souls in the middle of the chaos around us.

I’m leading a weekly 33 minute, online event starting Thursday, November 11th at 12pm Central specifically designed to help refresh and renew your soul. We’ll be listening to God through his Word and prayer, soaking in those things that are pure, right, excellent, and praiseworthy. All to help you find the reset button for your soul.

The event is called, as you might expect, Soul Reset. There’s no fee, though registering here will allow me to send you the Zoom link and know how many people to expect.

Let me know if you have any questions. And feel free to invite others if you think it might be helpful to them.

I look forward to seeing you next Thursday.


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