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Growing Up and Growing Old

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This article was written by Amy Hutchisson.

Why do we grow old? Why do our bodies fail? I don’t know if this is surely the answer, but perhaps physical development (and decay) is a visual aid for spiritual growth.

As babies, we know nothing else but total dependence. We allow mothers and fathers to do everything for us because we are not aware enough to try taking care of ourselves. As spiritual infants, we know no other way but to allow our Heavenly Father to tend our every need.

Reaching adulthood, we realize that no man (or woman) is an island. We have to trust one another and work together for the benefit of us all. Our spiritual adulthood brings us together in churches and communities, learning to lean on each other as we work for the benefit of God’s kingdom.

In our twilight years, our bodies begin to fail us. We recognize that we can no longer do for ourselves or each other, but are totally dependent, much like we were in infancy, but now aware of our needs and our own inability to fulfill them. Spiritually, full maturity brings us to true knowledge of our full dependence on Christ, understanding that we cannot live any way but through Him.



Amy Hutchisson is a vivid storyteller, a persistent listener, and a Adreadful pun enthusiast. She complements experience with imagination, seeking the beauty wrapped in brokenness. A wordsmith by vocation, she writes to find harmony in the wild, woeful, wacky wonderment of the everyday. When not on active duty as managing director of home life or curating educational experiences for her three children, Amy enjoys relaxing with a good book, completing crochet projects, and perfecting allergy-friendly recipes.


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