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How Sharp Are You?

The other day I was making a sandwich on some wonderful, fresh bread. After putting just the right combination of meats, cheese, and condiments together, I took my knife and began to cut the sandwich in half. After about 15 seconds of sawing back and forth, I realized that this sandwich wasn't going to be sliced with a butter knife. I broke out the big gun: My wife's super-expensive-got-it-for-Christmas-better-than-Ginsu-slices-through-table-legs-like-they-were-butter knife. Swish! It was done.

For change-makers to be of use to others, we must be sharp. We understand that if we are to help others change, grow, and transform, we need to be constantly changing, growing, transforming, and learning ourselves. If we aren't consistently exposing ourselves to new ideas, insights, and approaches, our effectiveness will quickly dull and our ability to benefit others will wane.

How do you stay sharp? What courses, seminars, or workshops have you taken recently? What books have changed your thinking? What are articles have challenged your status quo?

How sharp are you?


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