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The "E" Word

What if evangelism isn't what we've imagined?

What if ...

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one of your greatest joys could be joining God on mission in your circle of influence ?​

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the gospel is actually rich and relevant, able to meet the needs people care most about?

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there is a simple, biblical process for intentionally sharing the gospel that can be used by everyday believers in over-busy lives?

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you can experience the presence and power of Jesus by laboring alongside him in the harvest?

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Our Challenge


For every new believer in Christ, four people leave the faith. (Pew Research)


Almost half of millennial Christians struggle with the very idea of evangelism. (Barna Group)


Only 11% of believers actively look for opportunities to share their faith.

(Barna Group)


Fully 89% of evangelicals believe the church exists to meet their own spiritual needs. (LifeWay Research)

You'll Discover


How the gospel ...

is so much more than a "get out of hell free" card. It answers the four burning questions at the center of every human heart.

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Simple tools ...

used by missionaries around the world to help connect the good news to everyday needs of ordinary people, determine the level of spiritual openness, and develop gospel relationships.


A natural process ...

for developing gospel relationships with lost people and how to help your lost friends experience Jesus for themselves. 

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The four invitations ...

necessary to lead people to take the next step toward trusting Christ for their salvation.

What Others Are Saying

“Honestly, I was blown away by the depth and practicality of the teaching. I’ve know John for decades, so I expected it to be good. But it was way better than I anticipated. You  need to experience this!
   ~Tom Kraeuter, author and Bible teacher

 “This was so worthwhile, what a blessing. I really like the way John presents the information—humble, simple enough for one to understand, a new way of thinking about making disciples ”
   ~Wayne, church elder

“If you want to grow in your understanding of how to be on mission in the Kingdom of God, this is a great experience. You’ll be challenged to think Biblically about yourself, others, and living a life of faith based in our relationship with God. We have great news for a lost world.”
   ~Barbara, church member

We share what we’re excited about, but many of us don’t share Jesus. Some of us are afraid. Others just aren’t that excited about the gospel. Many are overly busy. A few may not have relationships with lost people.
Often church leaders try to prod believers with guilt. “The Great Commission isn’t optional,” they say. “Every day people are dying and going to hell.” While both statements are true, they are poor long-term motivators.
“The ‘E’ Word” inspires people to see the gospel with fresh eyes, in all its biblical richness and splendor. Then it gives them practical tools, and a simple, authentic process they can use to engage their lost friends and family.

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