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"Now what do I do?" I asked myself. Slumped in my chair, looking at my computer, I was at a loss for how to move forward. It was hard to believe something so simple had pretty much shut down my day: no internet. The vast majority of what I do is online. Suddenly I couldn't access any of my work (it was all in the "cloud"). I couldn't attend meetings (they were all online). I couldn't email anyone. I felt stranded. Everything I needed was inaccessible to me.

Inaccessibility is unfamiliar to most of us in the Global North. Most days we go to the grocery to buy our food, stop at the post to mail a letter, and drop by the gas station to fill our car (though we'd certainly like to pay a little less!). If we need a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a pastor, one can be found in almost every town. But, imagine for a moment if what was most vital to your life was the most inaccessible.

What if the nearest doctor was a two-day journey? What if you had to walk three hours each way to attend school? And what if there were no pastors at all that you knew of? In fact, what if the gospel itself was practically inaccessible?

Nearly 560 million people in the Middle East and North Africa will never meet a Christian in their lives. Many dwell in countries that are closed to the gospel and believers are persecuted for their faith. How are these dear ones who Jesus loves to access the gospel?

SAT-7 is a Christian media network that broadcasts across the Middle East and North Africa. They are run by, and for, those in the region. Bible-based programs in indigenous languages are provided on satellite television, social media, and on-demand streaming. They have programs that introduce people to the gospel, equip believers and churches, and even programs especially designed for children.

For many believers in the Middle East and North Africa, SAT-7 is their sole connection to other Christians, worship services, and sound Bible teaching. SAT-7’s programs help people learn about God and apply His Word in all aspects of their lives. Viewers can even connect with show hosts and counselors who are part of the SAT-7 personal follow-up teams.

SAT-7 ACADEMY satellite TV, online, and video-on-demand programs offer instruction in reading, math, and language skills. These tools prepare children for opportunities that will provide enough income to lift them out of grinding poverty.

Here's what one viewer in Tunisia had to say about this vital ministry: "I was watching the different testimonies of many people who had an amazing experience with a God that I never knew. Today, after watching this program for two years, I gave my life to the true God. I really thank God who put this channel in my way."

Intersekt is committed to equipping change-makers like you bear more fruit. Jesus has an infinite number of ways we can join him on mission in the world. SAT-7 is an organization worth checking out as they make the gospel accessible to everyone in the Middle East and North Africa. Find out more at


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