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Jesus on the Garbage Truck

My friend (we'll call him George) is a garbage man. Or, as I prefer to call him: a regional refuse relocator. It's a tough, physical, stinky, demanding job. As a believer, he tries to work hard, as if Jesus is his boss, but it's difficult to think of a regional refuse relocator as a mission field.

I wonder, though. Is Jesus on mission in George's sphere of influence?

Surely his partners on the truck and the residents on their route are part of his sphere. As George hangs on the back of the aromatically challenged truck, jumps off while it's still moving, grabs the overloaded can and hefts it into the hopper (that's the part of the truck where all the garbage goes), pulls the handle to engage the packer panel (that's the bit that smushes all the garbage together so you can fit more in the truck), is Jesus at work? What does Jesus expect of George? Does he expect him to just be nice to the people he encounters and not be lazy on the job?

What if God is up to more?

When Jesus walked the earth, he only went where the Heavenly Father was going. He only did what the Father was doing. And he only said what the Father was saying. I believe following Jesus means we take the same approach. We only go where Jesus is going, only do what Jesus is doing, and only say what Jesus is saying.

So, what is Jesus doing on the garbage truck? What is he saying? And how does he want to do and say those things through George?

Being on mission with Jesus isn't just for missionaries. Or pastors. Or super-Christians. It's for all of us, regardless of our sphere of influence. Whether you're a regional refuse relocator, a repair technician, a research assistant, or a rich retiree, Jesus is at work where you are. How does he want you to join him?


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