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Love, Enemies, and Public Policy

Updated: Apr 23, 2020


What is it? A second-hand emotion? All we need? Are you addicted to it? Is it what the world needs now? Will it lift us up where we belong? Will it keep us together?

As believers in Christ we are called to love. (1 Corinthians 13:13) We’re even told to love our enemies. (Luke 6:27-36) If love is any kind of emotion, it will fail when I try to apply it to my enemies.

No, biblical love seems to be a choice rather than a feeling. I choose to love, therefore I act in the best interests of the one I love, even to my own detriment. It’s not overly difficult to see how that may play out in a mutually loving relationship with my spouse. But if love = sacrifice (John 15:13), how do I realistically love my enemies? And how does that scale to communities and countries? Might it mean that we trust God to do what is right for our country, as our country does what is right for others, even if the short-term impact seems to be negative for our country?


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