Experienced Facilitators

Each workshop is taught by individuals with hard-won, real-world experience.

Practical Results

Your learning will result in hands-on experience, and personalized plans, tools, and strategies.

Learn in Community

Develop relationships with other leaders and change-makers on mission together.

Engage with Peers

Learn from others on the same journey. Share your experience and expertise.

Multiply Disciples

God Confidence


Cultivate Courageous Faith in Jesus Christ

 In this half-day seminar you'll discover:

  • The four requirements for confident living.

  • Why self-confidence is a dead end and what to do instead.

  • The four questions in every heart, and how to answer them.

  • How to distinguish between healthy concern and unhealthy worry.

  • The specific strategy the enemy uses to keep believers from living confidently and how to defeat it.

Lead Effectively

The Change-Making Leader


Become the Leader God Created You to Be

 In this 6-week workshop you'll learn:

  • The difference between doing ministry and leading ministry.

  • How to discover and communicate a compelling vision.

  • The two most important practices of effective leaders.

  • The single best way to predict the future success of a leader.

  • A simple plan to ensure you get the right people on your team.

Make Disciples


Lead People to Faith in Christ

 In this 4-week workshop you'll create:

  • A model to identify those in your circle most open to the gospel.

  • A toolkit to explore how the needs, interests, and desires of lost people intersect with the gospel.

  • A personalized plan for praying and sharing God's love with your lost friends, neighbors, and family.

Leadership Style


Lead So People Will Follow

 In this half-day seminar you'll explore:

  • Which of the five leadership styles is your natural go-to.

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each style.

  • What contexts are best suited for various approaches.

  • How to grow in your ability to use each style, expanding your available leadership toolkit.

  • A personal plan for development.

Mature Disciples


Lead People to Grow in Christ

 In this 12-week workshop you'll construct:

  • A biblical model of discipleship and spiritual growth.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the 5 maturity stages, with the characteristics, needs, and opportunities of each stage.

  • A unique map of where those in your ministry fit and an individualized process for helping them take the next step in their spiritual maturity.

Build Your Team


Lead People to Work Better Together

 In this 4-week workshop you'll identify:

  • Whether you're leading a group of people or a cohesive team.

  • How to move from individual action to coordinated impact.

  • The five essential elements of productive teams.

  • The three greatest challenges keeping your team from greater effectiveness.

  • The most important steps you can take now to move forward.

Multiply Disciples




Lead People to Make Disciples

In this 4-week workshop you’ll develop:

  • An understanding of how to move from adding to multiplying disciples.

  • The skills to pass the torch to others, who will then reach others.

  • A tailored strategy to help those in your ministry make disciples of others.


Lead People to Bear More Fruit

 In this 12-week workshop you'll design:

  • A clear, shared vision

  • A plan to compelling communicate to stakeholders

  • The tactics to inspire and align staff and volunteers

  • A blueprint for ensuring healthy conflict

  • A template for engaging, productive meetings