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Change Journeys

Experienced Coaches

Each change journey is led by individuals with hard-won, real-world experience.

Practical Results

Your learning will result in hands-on experience, and personalized plans, tools, and strategies.

Each change journey is available as a one-one-one coaching experience, a small group cohort, or an in-person workshop.

God Confidence


Cultivate courageous faith in Jesus Christ.

Discover why self-confidence is a dead end and what to do instead.

Understand the four questions in every heart, and how to answer them. Distinguish between healthy concern and unhealthy worry.

Uncover the specific strategy the enemy uses to keep believers from living confidently and how to defeat it.


Focus Your Life


Rise above the whirlwind; achieve your priorities.

You can lay your head on the pillow each night knowing that you've accomplished your most important tasks. You can wake up every morning knowing exactly what you need to do next to achieve your goals. You can work each day knowing that your activities are moving you towards your most critical objectives.

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The "E" Word


What if evangelism isn't what we've imagined?

“The ‘E’ Word” inspires people to see the gospel with fresh eyes, in all its biblical richness and splendor. Then it gives them practical tools, and a simple, authentic process they can use to engage their lost friends and family.

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Ignite Your Ministry


You can greatly increase your impact.

Discover how to focus your ministry so each part helps achieve your vision. Identify the "secret sauce" that makes your ministry unique and resonates with those you seek to serve. Learn to communicate what you do in clear, compelling ways to fire up others to partner with you in prayer and finances.




Help People Grow in Christ

God gave us a completely new identity when he saved us, but our mind, will, and emotions need to be rewired to be like Christ. Many Christians don’t have a clear idea of what spiritual maturity looks like, how spiritually mature they may (or may not) be, or how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to grow in Christ. With this journey, you can help.

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Take Your Next Step With Confidence

Gain a deep understanding of the way God has wired you and the assets you bring to the table. Compellingly communicate the ways in which you do your best work, the type of situation you are looking for, and how to discern if a situation is a good fit.




Make disciples who make disciples

Jesus said those who hear the gospel and accept it will bear fruit thirtyfold, sixtyfold, and a hundredfold. Believers in the early days of the Church regularly saw this kind of multiplication. What can we do see such impact? 

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Become an Integral Leader


Integrate your faith and your leadership

 Whether you lead in ministry, the marketplace, education, or government, your faith is a vital part of your leadership. Jesus only said what the Father was saying, only did what the Father was doing, and only went where the Father was going. We can follow Christ in the same way, joining his work in our sphere of influence.

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